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Supply chains are under great stress -- as are the people who manage them.

Bill Michels launched Aripart Consulting to help great companies stay on top of rapidly changing conditions while delivering value and competitive advantage.



Purchasing and Supply Chain Expert  -  Speaker  -  Author


A Career as a Change Agent

Bill Michels has built his career helping companies transform business sourcing strategies maximize profits. His work has saved millions of dollars in procurement costs for his clients, as well as delivering innovation and top-line revenue.

In consulting, Bill has worked with some of the world's greatest companies across a wide spectrum of industries and countries transforming procurement operations and supply chain management. His strengths cover all the bases: supplier relationships, risk management, global sourcing, strategic planning, cost containment, and change management. While working with global clients, Michels has developed innovative tools for transforming supply chain management. In some cases these programs have resulted in breakthroughs impacting entire industries, providing competitive advantage to clients. He is also considered an expert in developing solutions when working with volatile commodities.

Bill's expertise comes from a long career working in procurement within companies and as an external consultant and educator. He served as CEO of ADR North America and in senior executive posts at the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS).


Well known in the purchasing and operations management community and food and pharmaceutical industries, Bill is a sought-after speaker at professional conferences and a prolific writer with many publications over his byline, including co-authorship of the book "Transform Your Supply Chain."


Supply Challenges Have Accelerated

Many of my clients are the leaders in their respective industries, but are still looking to optimize the supply chain and improve cost and value from procurement. Some clients are like the biotech firm that wanted a model to predict which suppliers and supply chains would fail causing profit risk for the company and health risks to their patients. Other firms want to develop their teams to lead the industry.  Many clients want to assess the current state of their procurement and supply chain capabilities and drive necessary transformation to achieve excellence.


Are you wondering how to achieve increased competitiveness and profitability through improving the procurement and supply chain capability or just curious about how your competitors capture supply chain value like innovation, speed to market, improved value and cost benefits?


I am Bill Michels, I have worked with some of the world’s greatest companies working on driving procurement and supply chains to deliver increased value and competitive advantage globally.  I am a practitioner, consultant, author, speaker and a go-to person for many industry leaders.


I have worked with Microsoft, GE, Disney, Textron and many more.  The industries I have served are electronics/technology, energy, medical devices, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, utilities, aerospace, fast moving consumer goods, food, packaging and many others.


A Different Style of Consulting

I am of the mindset that companies don’t need armies of inexperienced consultants with a process to be successful. If you boiled down what I can offer to people like you, it’s straight forward:

Deep insight to Procurement and Supply Chain

I’ve had many experiences with many companies, CEOs, CPOs, COOs and practitioners. I have been handed difficult projects and saved companies billions. As well as North America, I’ve worked in Asia, South America, Europe and Australia and have a deep global insight. I bring a lot of experience, perspectives and experiences enabling me to bring solutions and advice.

The ability to enhance team and individual performance

One of my early clients once said two things that ring through today.  He said ”I like your firm because you bring forward results, not just reports.” He also remarked that I had the ability to get “extraordinary performance from ordinary people”.  It gives me great pleasure to see many of the people that I worked with achieve much success as leaders in the profession and as business executives in C-suite roles.

Smart and executable strategies

It is important to understand the current initiatives, goals and ability of any business to launch a change initiative.  The projects are designed to support the business resource constraints and priorities.  Developing a working cross business/functional program relies on simple communicated strategies that engage everyone.  I don’t just make recommendations, I follow through to assure the implementation and results.

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